9-OS ANABASIS: Empower Privacy, Embolden Liberty.

Xenophon, the brilliant author of Anabasis and Hellenica


I would advise you to undertake a regular course of History and Poetry in both languages (Greek and Latin). In Greek, go first through the Cyropaedia, and then read Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon’s Hellenus and Anabasis…”

(Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States, in a letter written to his grandson Francis Wayles Eppes, dated October-6-1820)

Table of Content:

  • 1. What is 9-OS?
  • 2. How does 9-OS Work?
  • 3. What makes 9-OS Special?
  • 4. 9-OS NON-Privacy benefits?
  • 5. 9-OS Server Backend?
  • 6. Why should I use 9-OS?
  • 7. 9-OS demo videos
  • 8. 9-OS GUI-screenshots
  • 9. 9-OS 500+ MDO (Menu Driven Options)

I. NineOS / What is 9-OS?

9-OS is a Zero-Trace-Privacy (ZTP) RAM-OS designed to Empower Privacy and to Strengthen and Embolden Liberty.

9-OS is a Secure Private RAM-OS, which boots from a USB-port from where it loads itself into RAM-memory.

9-OS can operate as a highly secure Zero-Trace-Privacy stand-alone OS or as a Client-Server Based Privacy Platform that uses the RAM-memory of your Laptop/PC to offer a Fast, Secure, 100% Private OS-environment that stores all user traces, profiles, logs etc into RAM-memory, allowing you to exercise your Basic Human Right to Privacy without leaving a single trace on the hardware you use.

9-OS is a “volatile” OS, meaning that it ceases to exist once the hardware is turned off.

9-OS NEVER touches the hard disk or any existing pre-installed operating systems.

9-OS alters or changes NOTHING on your existing OS-environment and can therefore be used as an OS on top of your existing Windows installation, strongly improving the perceived value of your hardware in terms of Privacy and Security.

9-OS loads a 100% Fresh Clean copy of itself into RAM-memory every time it loads/boots from the USB-stick.

II. NineOS / How does 9-OS work?

9-OS Anabasis Offical Logo
9-OS is a 100% Mobile RAM-based OS, that doubles the value of your hardware and Powerfully Improves the Speed and Privacy of your Internet Experience.

9-OS is a USB-based OS, meaning that to use 9-OS, you will need to connect the 9-OS USB-stick to an available USB-port and then point the BIOS of your hardware to this USB-stick. The OS is 100% mobile; you can use it on any device that has 16GB of RAM (or more). 9-OS will boot from USB and divide the available RAM it encounters in two separate units: one half will be used as “ordinary RAM” while the other half of the available RAM is formatted/used as a RAM-drive onto which 9-OS loads/installs itself using an install script.

At present 9OS Anabasis supports four different modes of operation:

  1. By default 9-OS will run as a RAM-OS using the 9OS-USB-stick to load additional stuff into RAM (for example Flatpaks).
  2. 9-OS uses the “/home/guest/bin” on the RAM-drive as its OS-source-directory. After its initial installation 9-OS transforms this RAM-drive “/home/guest/bin” OS-source-directory into a symbolic link on the USB-drive to optimize the RAM-drive availability. If you have 32 GB of RAM (or more) this symbolic link substitution can be prevented from occurring simply by disabling the corresponding line in the install script and/or by executing an included script that will do the job for you.
  3. 9-OS can run without the USB-drive connected. 9-OS will ALWAYS work, regardless IF the USB-drive is connected or not because it is a RAM-OS, meaning that it is loaded/located in RAM-memory and operates from within RAM-memory. Certain components however, such as Flatpaks, AppImages, etc. CANNOT exist solely in RAM because it would require more than 50GB of RAM to make it so. Hence, with the 9OS-USB-stick connected you will have the FULL AWESOME POWER of 9-OS at your fingertips (including Flatpaks, AppImages, EndBoss – menu etc), without the 9-OS USB-stick connected 9-OS will run in CORE-Modus as a fully functional RAM-OS with a necessary set of additional data components available. 9-OS will always warn you IF and WHEN you try to load/use a component that requires the 9-OS-USB-stick be connected IF and WHEN it is running without the 9-OS-USB-stick connected as such.
  4. 9-OS exists as an encapsulated checksummed (.sqfs) – precompiled bootable ultrasecure RAM-OS using Linux Kernel 5.16.20 (dated April-13-2022). You can also run 9-OS Anabasis as an “add-on environment” turning the basic functionality of a bootable LIVE-CD (be it a real DVD or an image written/loaded from a USB-drive) into a Complete Ultrasecure RAM-based Client-Server Privacy Platform without the need for additional configuration, simply by copying/extracting the included bin-folder into the /home/guest – folder and executing the “9OS.AIO.Startup-Script.sh” – script.

III. NineOS / What makes 9-OS special?

9-OS Anabasis Offical Logo
9-OS Secures and Protects EVERY aspect of your Intenet Experience, not just your IP-address.

9-OS is a 100% Mobile 100% Private 100% Secure OS, designed to treat you like a Human Being.

9-OS runs entirely from RAM-memory without leaving any traces on your hardware and does NOT log or collect any data whatsoever, in any way, shape or form, NOR does it use telemetry or cookie declarations to harm your privacy in a seemingly legal manner.

Some of the features that make 9-OS Much More Secure than an “ordinary OS” and/or simply relying on an “ordinary” VPN-provider:

  1. The OS itself operates from RAM in a traceless manner. 9-OS loads a FRESH copy of itself into RAM every time it boots.
  2. 9-OS boots from an encapsulated CHECKSUMMED kernel, meaning a 100% guaranteed Virus/Malware/Backdoor – free OS.
  3. 9-OS comes with ten (10) pre-configured Firewall profiles, Auto-Firewalling the RAM-OS for additional Privacy/Security.
  4. 9-OS uses multiple loops to Auto-secure and Auto-correct your DNS-settings to ALWAYS Auto-protect Your DNS data-flow.
    9-OS comes with a pre-configured Application-Shield that will prevent Applications from connecting to the Internet Until VPN is Active.
  5. 9-OS comes with TRIPLE VPN-connection protection. IF the VPN-connection drops Running Applications are killed Immediately.
  6. 9-OS comes with TRIPLE VPN-connection protection. IF the VPN-connection drops the Firewall Auto-Blocks ALL Network Traffic.
  7. 9-OS comes with TRIPLE VPN-connection protection. IF the VPN-connection drops an Unsurpassable DNS-Blackhole Emerges.
  8. 9-OS comes with TRIPLE VPN-connection protection. IF the VPN-connection drops an Unsurpassable DNS-Blackhole Emerges.
  9. 9-OS is capable of enforcing Exemption-based DNS-protection, BLACKLISTING the Entire Internet in a manner similar to a Firewall.
  10. 9-OS comes with a pre-configured single-click-install Privoxy-Squid 4096-bits encrypted Proxy-chain designed to secure your LAN-traffic.
  11. 9-OS supports menu-based pre-configured DNS-protection levels ranging from LITE to ULTRAPARANOID.
  12. 9-OS comes with fully pre-configured pre-scripted menu-based support for using (up to 180+) FLATPAK – applications in a Secure Traceless manner.
  13. 9-OS comes with fully pre-configured pre-scripted menu-based support for using (up to 30+) AppImage – applications in a Secure Traceless manner.
  14. 9-OS uses its own OFFLINE USB-based software repository (dated May-21-2022) guaranteeing long-term stability and end-user satisfaction.
  15. 9-OS protects Your Media Privacy by building Anonymized Numerical Chains BEFORE loading Image and Video data into an application.
  16. 9-OS gives you access to six (6) different 4-node “VPN-Stunnel-Stunnel-Stunnel” – Chains which guarantee a Level of Privacy and Anonymity comparable to that of TOR but MUCH FASTER.
  17. 9-OS comes with its own “EndBoss” – Menu which allows you to control/execute 500+ MDO (Menu Driven Options) – options from a Single Interface.
  18. 9-OS comes with a pre-scripted GUI-environment that allows you to launch up to a hundred applications in a “Click-and-Go” – manner.
  19. 9-OS Deep Flatpak-Integration allows for the seamless effortless single click auto-updating of 180+ Flatpak Applications.

9-OS secures and protects EVERY ASPECT of your Internet Communication not just your IP-address.

Browser Finger Printing
The Multi-Faceted Threat of Browser Fingerprinting

In today’s surveillance society it is almost a joke to pretend that changing your IP-address is sufficient to protect your Privacy.  Changing your IP-address is NOT sufficient to protect Your Basic Human Right to Privacy. Real Privacy demands a Traceless OS while countering/preventing Software Telemetry, changing the MAC-address, IP-address and Machine-ID involved, loading clean hardened Browser – profiles BEFORE every Internet session, strongly clamping down on JavaScript, changing/masking your Browser Profile User Agent, Preventing/Avoiding being subjected to Canvas, Audio, System Fonts, Browser ID’s, Add-ons, persistent cookies and other forms of remote Browser Finger-print technologies and above all PREVENTING your OS from becoming a source of data-accumulation with regards to your actual use of the Operating System and the Internet as such.

Orange Cube Orange Colour
9-OS recognizes Your Basic Human Right to Privacy at a software level and aims to GUARD and PROTECT your Humanity as best it knows how.

9-OS Anabasis uses a combination of a Checksummed Zero-Trace RAM-OS, MAC-Address Spoofing, Machine-ID Rotation, an Application Shield, Dual-Tier-Encryption, Mandatory Preloading of Clean Hardened Browser Profiles, Auto-Cleaning-Loops, Auto-Firewalling, Local Proxy Filtering, Numerical Media Anonymization, DNS and VPN Monitoring agents, Powerful exemption-based DNS blacklisting and 4-node (FOUR!) VPN-Stunnel-Stunnel-Stunnel Chains with AI-enhanced DNS-Syntax-Scanning and a Huge (4.000.000+ ) Threat Detection Database to Block/Prevent surveillance from occurring.

IV. NineOS / What if I don’t care about my Privacy, could I still benefit from using 9-OS?

9-OS Anabasis Offical Logo
9-OS ANABASIS Deep Flatpak Integration allows you to Install/Update 182 Different Flatpak Applications with a proven 100% Succes Rate.

Due to its extensive pre-configured use of USB-based Flatpak Applications and AppImages the 9-OS Application environment is largely independent from the Kernel Version in use. (to provide you with a practical real-world example of this Kernel Independence, 182 out of 182 Flatpak Applications — a staggering 100% Success Rate – remained fully functional when testing 9-OS with the newest 5.16.20 – kernel versus the original 5.9.16 – kernel, while 31 out of 34 AppImages remained fully functional.) In other words:

9-OS ANABASIS makes Installing/Updating/Using Newer versions of your favorite FlatPak – software a Relaxed Joyfull Experience with a 100% Succes Rate.

Besides excellent Flatpak Support 9-OS Anabasis comes with a fully pre-configured GUI-environment making it the most Easy-2-Use Ready-2-Go Linux OS in existence. 9-OS Anabasis comes with one hundred (100) pre-configured pre-scripted Open Source Applications ready-for-use, utilizing Cairo-Dock as a Bottom Dock GUI-Application-Launcher.

Linux being Linux, and Bash being Bash, the Linux Terminal will continue to serve as the Heart and Soul of Linux.

To help you take the edge of this somewhat daunting experience, especially for Noobs and/or former Windows users, 9-OS ANABASIS has a socalled “EndBoss – menu” which gives you direct access to hundreds of pre-configured Menu-based “pick-and-choose” terminal command options, allowing you to do a lot of fun stuff without the need to memorize or know the necessary terminal commands upfront. With the “EndBoss – menu” you can gradually get used to the concept that with 9-OS, You will be treated like an Adult, a Valuable Human Being worthy of Privacy and Human Dignity, able and capable of making Your Own Intelligent Decisions, rather than experiencing yourself a toddler overwhelmed by shiny icons, babbling halfwits and a terrifying machinery hellbent on surveilling/recording your every thought and move.

Another cool feature of 9-OS is that it supports a DNS-Blackhole Modus called “ANABASIS”, where DNSMasQ blocks/locks the Entire DNS Infrastructure of the Internet while ONLY allowing hosts-entries to resolve DNS-queries, completely annihilating any and all unwarrented interference with your DNS-traffic, reducing the loading/rendering of some of the most media intensive websites (such as nba.com, twitch.tv, news sites etc) to one or two seconds where a normal browser, at best, would need twenty to thirty seconds to load such media heavy web-site content.

Dude, I really don’t care about surveillance or my web pages loading a little slower but I kinda hate ads and the idea of being followed around the Web by commercial entities, will using 9-OS Anabasis solve this problem for me?

Yes, most definitely.

One of the more pleasant side-effects of 9-OS powerful ability to enforce an exemption based DNS-environment to counter surveillance is that it is capable of stopping almost all Ads and Tracking and Telemetry BEFORE such DNS-queries reach the (DNS-based architecture of the) Internet, allowing you to experience an (almost) AD-FREE Surveillance-Free Internet environment without the need for additional browser-plugins, in turn increasing your Anonymity while decreasing your Visibility in terms of Browser Fingerprinting.

V. NineOS / IF 9-OS operates as a Client-Server based Privacy Platform what does the 9-OS Server Backend do?

9-OS Anabasis Offical Logo
The 9-OS Server Backend uses AI-enhanced DNS-Syntax-Scanning and a Huge Threat Detection Database to Block/intercept Attacks against your Privacy that the 9-OS Client may have failed to detect.

First and Foremost 9-OS will happily and securily function as a Stand-Alone OS if you wish it to do so. Connecting 9-OS to our Powerful Privacy Focused Server Backend serves to strengthen its Ability to Protect and Secure Your Basic Human Right to Privacy in the following ways:

  1. First and Foremost the 9-OS Server Backend functions as a VPN-gateway protecting your internet traffic and IP-address with 4096-bits encryption. (Note: This is no different from what what any “ordinary” commercial VPN provider does.)
  2. The 9-OS Server Backend places a powerful IPv4-IPv6 Firewall environment between you and the Internet.
  3. 9-OS gives you access to six (6) different 4-node “VPN-Stunnel-Stunnel-Stunnel” – Chains which guarantee a Professional Level of Privacy and Anonymity comparable to that of TOR but MUCH FASTER. These “VPN-Stunnel-Stunnel-Stunnel” – Chains ONLY accept traffic originating from the VPN-gateway, making them completely inaccessible to anyone who does not have the required Cerificate-based access token in his/her possession.
  4. 9-OS gives you access to six (6) different 4-node “VPN-Stunnel-Stunnel-Stunnel” – Chains which guarantee a Professional Level of Privacy and Anonymity comparable to that of TOR but MUCH FASTER. These Stunnel Servers ONLY Input/Output Server traffic — within a pre-fixed Multi-Node-Chain — according to a prefixed IP-address pool, meaning that the traffic flowing through these Stunnel servers is completely immune to MIM-attacks, further enhanced by the fact that the Entry – nodes and Exit – nodes are fully known and Firewall/IP-set protected.
  5. Besides Securely Encrypted Network Access to Six Highly Secure Stunnel Chains the 9-OS Server Backend will provide you with an Email account free of third-party-interference, (everything is stored locally on our email – server in the Netherlands), 10 GB (ten gigabyte) of Seafile Cloud Storage, the content of which can be shared/published using Web Browser links (time-based URLS, password-protected URLS and/or one-off web browser links), and 5GB of FTP-storage on our Disk-Encrypted 4096-bits Secure FTP-Servers which are ONLY Accessible via the VPN-gateway.
  6. The VPN-gateways and the Stunnel-Exit-Nodes use a combination of AI-enhanced DNS-Syntax-Scanning and a Huge (4.000.000+ ) Threat Detection Database to Block/intercept any and all threats to your Privacy that the 9-OS Client may have failed to detect.

VI. NineOS / Why Should I use 9-OS?

9-OS Anabasis Offical Logo
A Functioning Democracy DEMANDS Truth to Be Present and most of all… P-R-I-V-A-TE.

9-OS users can be divided into several distinct categories:

  • Some will use 9-OS because it auto-removes Tracking/Telemetry/Script – delays with regards to loading webpages, offering the world’s fastest web browsing experience (when using H.O.M and/or Anabasis – modus).
  • Some will use 9-OS because it is the best and most complete Mobile USB-based OS-Solution that makes it extremely easy to work from home and/or be on the road and still communicate in a safe secure manner. With Zoom, Skype, Jitsimeet (Video Conferencing), Caprine, Discord, Element, Franz, Hexchat, Qtox, Session, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, Webcord, Xchat (Chat and Messenging), Dropbox, Megasync, Nextcloud (3rd-Party Cloud Storage), MatterMost, RocketChat, Slack, Teams, Zulip (Online Collaboration), LibreOffice, OnlyOffice, Claws, Outlook, Protonmail, Thunderbird, Tutanota (Office and 3rd-Party Email), the World is at your fingertips. Most of the aforementioned Applications being Flatpaks, meaning that they can be updated to the newest version with a single-click generic update option intented to update all Flatpaks (present on the USB-stick) at once.
  • Some will use 9-OS to enjoy the profound benefits of open-source software. With 9-OS Single-Click Install/Uninstall Menus you will have Immediate Free READY-2-GO Access to 216 Open Source Applications (182 Flatpaks and 34 AppImages) allowing 9-OS to present/offer THE BEST Return-on-Investment any small to medium sized company could ever hope to make.
  • Some will use 9-OS to secure their LAN-environment by pointing their web-browser on multiple LAN-devices to the pre-configured Secure 4096-bits Privoxy-Squid LAN=>VPN=>WAN Proxy-Chain.
  • Some will use 9-OS to enjoy the multiple included hardened TOR-profiles and TOR-based Browser configurations which allow a more tailored and FASTER use of the TOR-network when compared to using the default TOR-web browser.
  • Some will use 9-OS because they understand the substantial Privacy benefits of countering/preventing Browser-Fingerprinting and loading/using Fresh Clean Browser Profiles whenever a new Browser-session is started.
  • Some will use 9-OS because they will appreciate its ability to Auto-Firewall, Auto-Protect and Auto-Secure HTTP/DNS – traffic.
  • Some will use 9-OS because they have a professional need for Confidentiality and Privacy (Lawyers, Doctors, Journalists and so on).
  • Some will use 9-OS to protect the Privacy and Safety of their family and children because 9-OS does NOT store any data whatsoever and offers near perfect protection against Ads, Tracking and Telemetry.
  • Some will use 9-OS because they are concerned about the Practical Implications of Mass-Surveillance: Credit Scores, Consumer Analytics, Sexual and/or Religious orientation and so on.
  • Some will use 9-OS because they are concerned about the Moral and Philosophical implications of Mass-Surveillance and are adept at extrapolating (pardon the French) past events into the future. The Author, Coder and IT-specialist known as “Mako the Engineer” should be included in this Category. Mass-Surveillance represents a Moral Abyss with regards to its Fundamental Denial of the Importance of Independent Truth throughout the Public and Private Domain, threatening the important work of Journalists, Lawyers, Doctors, Artists while deteriorating/shattering and ultimately abolishing one of the most fundamental safeguards of the Rule of Law… PROPORTIONALITY. A) Mass-Surveillance obliterates the lawful boundary of PROPORTIONALITY, effectively dehumanizing entire populations to catch a couple of bad apples, and B) “It is Weakness rather than Wickedness which renders men unfit to be trusted with absolute power.” (John Adams). For additional philosophical objections and arguments against the unbridled use of Mass-Surveillance check out this link.
  • Some will use 9-OS because they are slighty Paranoid and will come to appreciate 9-OS ability to build 4 (FOUR!) – node Stunnel Chains whereas the VPN-gateway (first-to-second node “hop”) makes it impossible to reconstruct the source of the traffic because the Stunnel Nodes and the VPN-Gateways do NOT log and/or store any data whatsoever.

    But most of all we hope that the majority of the people who will use 9-OS will do so because it is a FUN operating system to use. 9-OS requires NO prior Linux knowledge whatsoever, all the hard stuff is done simply by executing an install script after which you will have a complete, secure, EASY-2-USE Powerful Privacy Platform capable of delivering REAL Privacy and Security rather than fake-pretense and fake-bullshit “We care about your Privacy” – statements.

    (Was Signed, May-24-2022, Mako The Engineer)

VII. NineOS / 9-OS Demo Videos

Watch some demo videos with regards to 9-OS ANABASIS extreme efficiency in protecting your Privacy: [Note: These Videos do not yet show the new and improved polished user-interface of 9-OS ANABASIS as shown in the Screenshots below).


VIII. NineOS / 9-OS ANABASIS GUI – screenshots

9-OS ANABASIS Firewall Menu:

9-OS ANABASIS System Menu:

9-OS ANABASIS System Menu

9-OS ANABASIS Browser Menu:

9-OS ANABASIS Browser Menu

9-OS ANABASIS Security Menu:

9-OS ANABASIS Security Menu

9-OS ANABASIS Paranoid Menu:

9-OS ANABASIS Paranoid Menu

9-OS ANABASIS Social Menu:

9-OS ANABASIS Social Menu

9-OS ANABASIS Internet Menu:

9-OS MultiMedia Menu

9-OS ANABASIS Office Menu:

9-OS ANABASIS Office Menu

9-OS ANABASIS Graphics-Menu:

9-OS ANABASIS Graphics Menu

9-OS ANABASIS MultiMedia-Menu:

9-OS MultiMedia Menu

9-OS ANABASIS Various-Menu:

9-OS Various Menu